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EC Nutrition (ECNU) is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed scientific journal that covers topics relevant to nutrition and diet and also palatability of foods and their applications. The journal aims to focus on the advancements in the field of nutrition, dietics and food sciences. EC Nutrition journal is an amazing platform to present advances in nutritional research including clinical nutrition and various technological advancements. The vision of the journal is to enhance the human well-being for a healthy society. The field of nutrition includes the study of nutrients, biomarkers for assessing the influence of dietary components on human health status. The journal explores all the aspects of nutrition some of which include energy metabolism and its regulation, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, nutritional microbiology, comparative nutrition, culinology, sports nutrition, nutritional toxicology, public health nutrition and all the relevant topics of nutritional science.

Aim and scope

Nutritional and Food science is the most significant subject for a safe, strong and a healthy society. Quality research on nutritional sciences contributes to the improvement of public health and there is a requirement of better understanding of the science involved in nutrition and dietetics. It is essential to create awareness among the public regarding the role of nutrition and also the identification of sensible solutions to public health issues. Every day, we are faced with a number of problems due to lack of healthy nutritional diet. These problems can be overcome by making the smart food and nutrition choices that is a necessary part of everyone's daily life. The journal desires to serve the scientific community by exploring the ideas of the scientific researchers in all the aspects of nutritional sciences.

Major subject areas of interest in nutrition include, but are not restricted to the following fields :

Nutritional methodologies, Nutrition requirements, Nutrient physiology and metabolism, Nutritional medicine, Nutritional epidemiology, Dietetics, Nutritional toxicities, Sports nutrition, Malnutrition, Vitamins, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fibers, Lipids and Minerals, Nutritional neurosciences, Nutritional immunology, Overnutrition, Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics, Prenatal nutrition, Biochemistry and cellular metabolism of nutrients, Effect of nutrition on metabolic control, Impact of hormones and genetics on nutrient handling, Dietary strategies, Public health policy & Health economics, Nutritional disorders, Sensory evaluations of food, Food preservation and Quality control, Food processing industries and Food processing engineering, Organic nutrition, Food regulatory affairs, Applications of nanotechnology in food and nutrition, Nutrition and food science, Paediatric nutrition, Food technology and its applications, Food security and challenges, Current research in food science and technology, Applied human nutrition, Culinology, Probiotics, Food chemistry, Food allergies and intolerances, Nutraceutical, Microencapsulation applied to foods and nutrients, Clinical nutrition, Nutritional deficiencies and related diseases, Food microbiology and safety, Analytical methods in nutrition & food sciences, Food preservation, Dietary surveys, Nanoscale food science, engineering, and technology, Principles of nutritional problem diagnosis, Advanced microscopy of foods, Food and bioprocess technology, Antioxidants and phytochemicals in food, Healthy eating Initiatives, Human nutrition over the life span, Family meal management, Sensory and food quality, Consumption and eating habits, Food rheology, Food fortification, Nutrification, Food toxicology, Food analysis, Diets and diseases, Food packaging, Calorie intake and consumption, Dietary supplement, Food function and relationships between diet and disease, Fish nutrition, Animal nutrition, Consumer attitudes to food and risk assessment, Research methods in human nutrition, World problems in nutrition, Biotechnology in agricultural food production. The journal covers all the diversified topics irrelevant to nutrition.

EC Nutrition journal delightfully welcomes original articles in the spectrum of nutrition to bring all the relevant nutritional areas together on a single platform. We heartily welcome your valuable submissions at

Latest Articles


  • The Poison Explosion- Effects of Pesticide Residues on Health
  • Inam Ullah Mir. 13(3): 135-137.

    Published: February 21, 2018

    Literature Review

  • Proteins, Catabolism and Sepsis: A Literature Review
  • Macarena Lucia Fernandez Carro. 13(3): 126-134.

    Published: February 21, 2018

    Research Article

  • Findings on the Making of Triticale and Wheat-Based Low Calorie Flour
  • Zoltan Gyori. 13(3): 113-125.

    Published: February 16, 2018

    Research Article

  • Physio-Chemical Properties of Tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum) Stored in Locally Constructed Postharvest Cold Storage House
  • Patrick Mulindwa, Ivan Lule, Christopher Adaku, Paul Okiror and Peter Nkedi-Kizza. 13(3): 99-112.

    Published: February 14, 2018

    Research Article

  • Food Habits of Saudi Girls: A Sample Healthy School Canteen to Coach Schools in Providing Healthier Food Choice
  • Elham Aljaaly. 13(3): 94-98.

    Published: February 13, 2018

    Mini Review

  • Misunderstanding on Subjective Events
  • Mario Ciampolini. 13(3): 90-93.

    Published: February 12, 2018


  • Micronutrient Enriched Food Ingredients –An Easy Way to Stay Healthy
  • Rahul Sharma and Ranjeeta. 13(3): 89.

    Published: February 12, 2018

    Research Article

  • Ranking the Relative Risk of Common Food Products Based on their Fat Composition, with Emphasis on Trans Fat, in Relation to Coronary Heart Disease in Women
  • Cees van Dijk. 13(3): 79-88.

    Published: February 09, 2018

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