EC Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine
Publisher : ECronicon Open Access
Article Inpress : Volume 7 Issue 12 - 2018
Publication Date : December 01, 2018
Frequency : Monthly
Language : English
Format : Online
Review : Double Blinded Peer Review
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2018   |   Volume 7 Issue 12


  • Do we Understand Chronic Inflammatory Lung Diseases?
  • Michael Roth. 7(12): 828-829.

    Research Article

  • The Impact of Knowledge on Adherence to Tuberculosis Treatment: A Case-Control Study from a Rural Setting
  • Elnazeer Abd Almonem Hashim, Elsadig Yousif Mohamed, Sawsan Mustaffa Abdalla, Ghazali Abdel Gadir Saleem, Waqas Sami, Tayseer Elsadig Elbadawi, Khaled Altohami Medani and Syed Meraj Ahmed. 7(12): 830-834.

    Review Article

  • Dendritic Cells can be Beneficial in Respiratory Diseases
  • Ligia Lins de Castro. 7(12): 835-842.

    Mini Review

  • Use of Antibiotics for Asthma Exacerbations
  • Kalthoum Tizaoui. 7(12): 843-845.

    Case Report

  • Removal of Giant Solitary Pleural Fibroma from a Patient on Oxygen Therapy
  • Arben Kojqiqi, Fatos Kojqiqi, Artan Jahollari and Besnik Kojcici. 7(12): 846-849.


  • Is Caffeine Really a Magic Bullet for Neonatologists?
  • Stefano Nobile. 7(12): 850-851.


  • Biomarkers and Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia
  • Renato Seligman and Beatriz Graeff Santos Seligman. 7(12): 852-854.

    Review Article

  • Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine Assessment from the Genetic, Environmental Factor, Drug, Pathway Perspective to Utilize New Therapeutic Systems
  • Rassol Housen Pure, Reza Safari Dizaj, Milad Hosseinpour and Farzaneh Soleimani Dargani. 7(12): 855-863.

    Review Article

  • Shock: What is it?, Why N = 1 and the Essential Monitored Therapeutic Goals Interventions
  • Fidel Davila. 7(12): 864-874.

    Case Report

  • Fulminant Acute Intrathoracic Coccidioidomycosis in South Texas: Case Report and Mini-Review of the Literature
  • Rafael Deliz-Aguirre and Rafael J Deliz. 7(12): 875-884.

    Case Report

  • Kartagener’s Syndrome: A Case Report
  • Ibrahim Hamdy Feteih. 7(12): 885-888.


  • Hyponatremia as a Prognosis Factor for COPD
  • Maria-Teresa Garcia-Sanz. 7(12): 889-890.

    Mini Review

  • Smoking and Cancer
  • Banu Salepci and Sevda Özdoğan. 7(12): 891-894.

    Case Report

  • Removal of a Foreign Body Hiding in the Airway for 24 years via Bronchotomy
  • Santiago A Endara, Gerardo A Dávalos, Ligia M Redrobán, Gabriel A Molina and Daniel L Mogrovejo. 7(12): 895-901.

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