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Publisher : ECronicon Open Access
Current Issue : Volume 6 Issue 2 - 2019
Publication Date : February 01, 2019
Frequency : Monthly
Language : English
Format : Online
Review : Double Blinded Peer Review
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2018   |   Volume 6 Issue 2


  • The Current Approach to the Prognosis and Treatment of HER2 (erbb2) in Gastric/Gastroesophageal Cancers: Review Article
  • Omer Faruk Ozkan, Nuri Emrah Goret, Ceren Canbey Goret, Sema Yuksekdag, Ethem Unal and Neset Koksal 6(2): 56-58.

    Research Article

  • “How to be a Surgeon and Not to Die in the Attempt” Control of Basic Physiological Parameters in Perioperative Phase, in Surgeons from Punta Del Este, Uruguay. Descriptive Pilot Study
  • Juan Sanguinetti, Manuel Sanguinetti, Mario Teixeira, Alicia Villarino, Gustavo Burghi, Claudia Lorenti and Alfredo Scelza. 6(2): 59-65.

    Review Article

  • Opinion: Intestinal Microbiome, Endotoxins, Cytochrome P450 2E1, and the Gut-Liver Axis in Alcoholic Liver Disease
  • Rolf Teschke and Yun Zhu. 6(2): 66-75.

    Mini Review

  • Melatonin’s Role in Preventing Graft Rejection in Steatotic Liver Transplantation, a Review
  • Eduardo Esteban-Zubero, Cristina García-Muro, Moisés Alejandro Alatorre-Jiménez, Alejandro Marín- Medina, Celia Buisac-Ramón, Ada Soto Brambila, Sabrina Diaram- Strand, Carlos Arturo López-García and Daniela Delgado de Lara. 6(2): 76-84.

    Case Report

  • Cellular Angiofibroma a Rare Tumor: A Case Report from Oman
  • Al Thuraiya Al Senani, Aamed Al Araimi, Nasser Al Rahbi and Rashid Al Alawi. 6(2): 85-89.

    Thematic Article

  • Can Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unit Really Improve the Quality of Care?
  • Angelo Zelante, Lucio Trevisani, Marco Pala and Giuseppe Del Favero. 6(2): 90-96.


  • Neoadjuvant Treatment in Pancreatic Cancer: Where Are We?
  • Giulia Zumbo and Francesco Giovinazzo. 6(2): 97-100.

    Research Article

  • Specialist Nursing Interventions for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Nicolaou N Anastasia, Katsanos H Konstantinos, Apostolidou A Stavroula, Saridi Maria and Kaimakliotis P Ioannis. 6(2): 101-107.

    Research Article

  • The Value of Laparoscopic Approach and Endoscopy in the Treatment of Abdominal Foreign Bodies Require Intervention
  • Fatin R Polat, Yasin Duran and Ibrahim Fatih Polat. 6(2): 108-113.

    Research Article

  • New Flat Adenoma Resection Instruments for More Specimen Quality and Less Residual Adenoma and Less Perforation Risk
  • Klaus Metter, Farin G and Grund KE. 6(2): 114-123.

    Case Report

  • The Efficacy of RFA for an Advanced Pancreatic Cystadenocarcinoma. A Case Report
  • Panayiotis Hadjicostas and Demetris Christou. 6(2): 124-131.

    Research Article

  • Complex Association of Albumin with Other Liver Biomarkers
  • Rabindra Nath Das, Youngjo Lee, Sourav Sengupta, Ranjan Kumar Sahoo and Sabyasachi Mukherjee. 6(2): 132-137.

    Case Report

  • 3 Trocars Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy for Gunshot Wound
  • Sorin Cimpean, Angel Arabadzhiev, Marie-Therese Marechal and Giovanni Dapri. 6(2): 138-142.

    Research Article

  • Initiation of the Wound Healing Cascade in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Assessment of Von Willebrand Factor ADAMTS-13 Processing and Formation in Crohn’s Disease
  • Tina Manon-Jensen, Lasse Løcke Langholm, Shu Sun, Joachim Høg Mortensen, Yi He, Aleksander Krag, Michael Dam Jensen, Anne-Christine Bay-Jensen, Jens Kjeldsen and Morten Asser Karsdal. 6(2): 143-154.

    Case Report

  • Proximal Migration of Biliary Stent: Case Report
  • Humberto Rolando Benitez Márquez, Jesus San Roman Sanchez and Erick Suriel Camacho Jaimes. 6(2): 155-162.

    Research Article

  • Coffee Ground Vomit: Does it Justify an Urgent Endoscopy?
  • Aria Khani, Maksunova Y, Patel M and Besherdas K. 6(2): 163-167.

    Research Article

  • Clinical Characteristics of HCV in Egyptian Patients
  • Mazen Naga, Serag Esmat, Hamdy Ahmed, Rasha M Abdel Samie, Ahmed Hamdy and Yehia M Naga. 6(2): 168-179.

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