2017   |   Volume 7 Issue 2


  • Fluoride and the Water Supply
  • Robert L Karlinsey. 7(2): 64-65.

    Research Article

  • Dentin Bond Strength of Universal Adhesive Systems under Different Strategies: Self-Etch (SE) and Etch-and-Rinse (ER)
  • Yasmine de Carvalho Sousa, Viviane Afonso Mergulhão, Carlos Canto, Paulo Torban, André Felipe Alves Figueiroa and Rodivan Braz. 7(2): 66-72.

    Research Article

  • Do Bulk- Fill Flowable Composites Reinforce Weakened Roots?
  • Rodivan Braz, Viviane Afonso Mergulhão, Paulo Torban, Leonardo José Rodrigues de Oliveira, Mônica Albuquerque, Marcos Vinícius de Souza Luna Alves and Mabel Yazmín Suárez Peña. 7(2): 73-81.

    Research Article

  • Neuro-Occlusal Rehabilitation: Therapeutic by Direct and Indirect Tracks
  • Amel Belkhiri and Latifa Zenati. 7(2): 82-91.

    Review Article

  • Catheter Based Local Analgesia for the Fractured Mandible
  • M Salker, D Hammond, S Olaore and P Grime. 7(2): 92-94.

    Research Article

  • The Effect of Alka-White Mint and Alka-White Turmeric on the Oral Cavity
  • Sameer Atrash and Lewis Gross. 7(2): 95-100.

    Pubmed Indexed Article

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