2016   |   Volume 6 Issue 1

Case Report

  • Dermoid Cyst Occupying the Entire Floor of Mouth. Surgical Management and Review of the Literature
  • Harry D Koumoullis MD DDS MSc, Athanasios Karamanos MD DDS, Evangelia Zacharioudaki MD and Dimitrios Anteriotis DDS. 6(1): 1224-1231.

    Research Article

  • The Inhibition Effect of Four Different Iron Supplements on the Initiation of Dental Caries
  • Ahmed Mohammed El-Marakby and Fuad Abdo Al-Sabri. 6(1): 1232-1239.

    Policy Analysis Paper

  • High Prevalence of Dental and Periodontal Problems in Pregnant Female Population of Rural India
  • Gunjeeta Diwaker. 6(1): 1240-1246.

    Review Article

  • Overexpression of Il-23/Il-17 Axis in the Pathogenesis of Oral Lichen Planus Lesions: A Literature Review
  • Narjiss Akerzoul, Saliha Chbicheb and Wafaa ElWady. 6(1): 1247-1250.

    Research Article

  • Comparison of Amount of Root Resorption Seen in Incisors Radiographically During Active Orthodontic Treatment Using RVG and IOPA- An In Vivo Study
  • Nidhi Angrish, Shrish Srivastava, Ragni Tandon, Kamlesh Singh and Rohit Kulshrestha. 6(1): 1251-1258.


  • The Advent of Natural Entities to Overcome Side Effects of Medicinal Products
  • Saurabh Lall. 6(1): 1259.