2016   |   Volume 5 Issue 4

Case Report

  • Clinical and Radiographic Evaluation of Socket Preservation Using Autologous Concentrated Growth Factors Enriched Bone Graft Matrix (Sticky Bone): A Case Report
  • Ahmed Halim Ayoub and Soulafa Mohamed Belal. 5(4): 1128-1135.

    Case Report

  • Management of an Extraordinarily Long Mandibular Incisor: An Endodontist’s Perspective
  • Harpreet Singh and Pooja Kapoor. 5(4): 1136-1138.

    Review Article

  • Synopsis is Using Dental Diode Laser in Endodontic
  • Dr. Ayman el-zohairy and Rasha Fouad. 5(4): 1139-1144.

    Research Article

  • Definitive Orthodontic Treatment Need in Young from Central Region Venezuelan Scholars
  • Oswaldo Jesús Mejias Rotundo. 5(4): 1145-1148.

    Case Report

  • Treatment of Labial Enamel White Spot Lesions by Resin Micro-Infiltration
  • Said Dhaimy, Hind Amarir, Sara Dhoum and Imane Benkiran. 5(4): 1149-1155.


  • Research in Periodontics – Where Have We Come, Where Are We Headed
  • Divya Khanna, Deepthi D Sali and Joann Pauline George. 5(4): 1156-1158.