Short Communication
Volume 17 Issue 8 - 2018
The Cartilaginous Subcutis: Choristoma and Heterotopy
Anubha Bajaj*>
Department of Histopathology, Panjab University, A.B. Diagnostics, India
*Corresponding Author: Anubha Bajaj, Department of Histopathology, Panjab University, A.B. Diagnostics, India.
Received: June 01, 2018; Published: July 14, 2018
Citation: Anubha Bajaj. “The Cartilaginous Subcutis: Choristoma and Heterotopy". EC Dental Science 17.8 (2018): 1318-1323.
Choristoma indicates the Greek “X^quaros” implying separated. It describes an accumulation of normal histological tissue of an organ or a body constituent distant from the typical location. Heterotopic cartilage located beneath the skin, in the vicinity of head and neck represents a cartilaginous choristoma. Choristomas are usually distinctive and elucidate the heterotopy of thyroid gland, bone, glial tissue, salivary gland etc. Choristomas are inherently diverse and benign and grow imperceptibly. Excision is rendered for cosmetic purposes and for malignant transformation. External cartilaginous choristomas in the head and neck are now designated as chondrocutaneous branchial remnants or accessory pinna/tragus, with the assumption that the indicated lesions are of the branchial arch residue. Analogous heterotopic cartilage in the oral cavity, tonsils and pharynx is named Cartilaginous Choristoma. Notwithstanding, the biological expression and histopathology of the lesions with heterotopic cartilage covered with skin or mucosa are identical. The masses are extremely slow growing. Patients clinically present when the tissue aggregates become prominent due to gradual evolution. Cartilage is observed on palpation and gross exam. Concomitant malformations and a conclusive family history are not exhibited.
Copyright: © 2018 Anubha Bajaj. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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