Research Article
Volume 17 Issue 8 - 2018
Effective Hygiene of the Mouth Cavity of the Diabetes Mellitus of the Second Type
EA Karton*, MS Bardova, LS Persin, DB Kaplan and EG Zaretskaya
Department of Orthodontics, Moscow State University, Russia
*Corresponding Author: EA Karton, Department of Orthodontics, Moscow State University, Russia.
Received: April 18, 2018; Published: July 04, 2018
Citation: EA Karton., et al. “Effect of Full Ceramic Crown Versus Ceramic Fused to Metal Crown on Periodontal Tissues Health”. EC Dental Science 17.8 (2018): 1198-1204.
Despite that for the present day a lot of different methods of the papulopathy prevention have been studied and developed often the preventive measures are adynamic. This refers to that besides local factors of the parodontium some general factors are present, among them different endocrine, nervosomatic diseases, rheumapira, TB, vitamin deficiency, metabolic disorder, stress conditions and other reasons which affect the morphofunctional condition of the mouth cavity [1-4]. Therefore often the treatment and prevention of the parodontium are complicated with the presence of any common somatic illness. One of these common diseases is the diabetes mellitus. Clinical manifestations of the diabetes mellitus in the mouth cavity are diversified and often anticipate the clinical symptom. Relying on the knowledge of the local manifestations of the diabetes mellitus in the mouth cavity the doctors of the dental surgery should not only to compose the treatment plan with account of all specifics of this disease but to appoint the customized healthful measures [4-9].
Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus of the Second Type; Mouth Cavity Hygiene; SugarSTOP!
Copyright: © 2018 EA Karton., et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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