EC Chemistry

EC Chemistry (ECCH) journal publishes peer-reviewed open access articles in all the arenas of chemistry that includes inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biological chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, industrial and engineering chemistry, nanochemistry, computational chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, phytochemistry and all the relevant topics. The journal desires to publish quality articles in all the thirst areas of chemistry.

Aim and scope

Chemistry is a rapidly evolving and a highly interdisciplinary field, with a wide spectrum of areas in the related field. The journal mainly focuses on the emerging research in the field of chemistry that helps to produce potent and safe compounds with a rapid and high efficiency. The journal places a strong emphasis by creating an awareness of the issues that are influencing the future direction of pharmaceutical chemistry. The journal delightfully accepts emerging themes and provides in-depth analysis of the medicinal agents including therapeutic approaches.

Major subject areas of interest in chemistry include, but are not restricted to the following fields :

Discovery, design, synthesis and evaluation of bioactive agents, Green chemistry, Neglected diseases and Orphan drugs, Pharmacogenomics, Proteomics and Toxicology, Drug discovery technologies, Design and synthesis of novel lead compounds, Computational approaches to synthesis and modeling, Biophysical techniques for structural characterisation, Overviews of novel therapeutic strategies and emerging targets, Drug targeting and delivery, ADME/Tox investigations, Bio-Organic chemistry, Hydrocarbons, Metallo-Organic compounds, Physical chemistry, Drug chemistry, Organic reaction mechanism, Stereo chemistry, Organic chemistry, Industrial chemistry, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Heterocyclic chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Microwave chemistry, Total synthesis of natural products and multi component reactions, Analytical chemistry, Nuclear chemistry. All the emerging chemistry related arenas are accepted by the journal.

EC Chemistry journal delightfully accepts original work in all the emerging areas of research in the field of chemistry at

Latest Articles


  • Composition and Function of Individual Microbial Biofilm Matrix Components: A Key Element to Its Control
  • Joao M Rocha. 2(2): 153-157.

    published: September 12, 2016


  • Putting Green Chemistry into Practice - A Demand of Today
  • Prasanta Kumar Mitra. 2(2): 151-152.

    published: May 16, 2016

    Research Article

  • Chemistry via Art.
  • Abraham Tamir. 2(2): 145-150.

    Research Article

  • Isolation and Characterization of a Compound from the Leaves of Cassia Alata Linn.
  • Mitra Prasenjit, Ghosh Tanaya, Gupta Sumanta, Basu Basudeb and Mitra Prasanta Kumar. 2(2): 138-144.


  • Hydrocolloids Great Perspective in Food Industries
  • Omprakash H Nautiyal. 2(2): 136-137.

    Review Article

  • Food Processing by Supercritical Carbon Dioxide-Review
  • Omprakash H Nautiyal. 2(1): 111-135.

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