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EC Nursing & Healthcare (ECNH) is a scholarly refereed open Journal, that publishes manuscripts that are edited by highly expertise peer reviewers not only in the field of nursing but also in all aspects of the health care portal. ECNH ease is to spread knowledge by publishing not only the original research, but also commentaries, short communications, reviews, letter to editors, concepts, perspectives, opinions, and other types. As this journal had the international readers, authors and editorial board members publishing in this journal will help you with the high visibility of your paper throughout the globe. This journal covers the broad range of areas in nursing & health care together with palliative care, Nursing informatics, primary & secondary patient care etc.

Aim and scope

Nursing and healthcare is the professional stream which mainly involves in improvising the health condition of a patient with care. In providing the quality medical treatment for the ill patients nursing plays a crucial role and helps the doctors in improvising the in enhancing the health aspects of the global population.

When personalizing the topics on nursing and healthcare we came across the below subject areas :

Acute / Critical Care, Nursing Education, Advanced Practice Nursing, Cognitive Informatics, Community Health Nursing, Confidentiality and Data Security, Critical Care Management, Family Health Care, Gastroenterology Nursing, Geriatric Nursing, Gerontological nursing, Information Technology in Nursing, Innovations in Patient Care, Maternity and Women health Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Multi-Professional Practice, Nephro- Urology Nursing, Neuro-nursing, Neurosciences Nursing, Nursing Ethics

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Latest Articles


  • Understanding the Role of Nursing in Pediatric Asthma Management: A Case Study from KSA
  • Abeer Alatawi, Pam Smith, Nicol Ring and Colin Chandler. 2(6): 45-46.

    Short Communication

  • Can Health and Nursing Assistance Practice be Improved through Ethical Reflection?
  • Taís Carpes Lanes and Graziele de Lima Dalmolin. 2(6): 45-46.

    Research Article

  • The Study of Psychological Implication of the Awareness of Mothers’ Knowledge of the Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Gastroenteritis among Children in Aguata Local Government Area, Anambra State
  • Okoli Paul Chibuike, Nduka Chienyem Chidubem, Ofojebe Chukwuma Philip, Chime Peter Ekpunobi and Akpoke Victor Okorie. 2(6): 35-44.

    Research Article

  • Criteria Used in the Performance of Medical Records Audits: A Literature Review
  • Sayane Marlla Silva Milk and Farias Daniel Lima. 2(6): 28-34.

    Research Article

  • Characteristics and Circumstances of Falls in the Largest Community Population
  • MP Moles July, Ana Lavedan Santamaria, C Nuin Orrio, T Botigué Satorra, A Was Clavero and ML Maciá Soler. 2(6): 19-27.

    Research Article

  • Underweight as a Risk Factor for Miscarriage (Population Study)
  • Gundarov IA and Boyko NN. 2(6): 13-18.

    Research Article

  • Making Decisions Regarding Infant Feeding Practices during the First 6 Months of the Child: A Qualitative Grounded Theory Study on Portuguese Mothers
  • Joana Catarina de Larangeira Lopes and Natalia Vincens. 2(6): 03-12.

    Research Article

  • Qigong Exercise for Cancer-Related Symptoms in Cancer Care: A Systematic Review
  • Yong Tang, Jing Cen, Qianwen Mo and Ying Zhang. 2(5): 09-20.

    Review Article

  • Recognizing the PPAT of AWS in the AUD-Patient: An Imperative for the Early Screening, Identification, and Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome in Alcohol Use Disorder Patients in Emergency and Intensive Care Settings by Distinguishing AWS Pathophysiology, Progression, Assessment, and Treatment More Directly
  • Nicholas A Kerna, Onyeka Olisemeka, Uzoamaka Nwokorie, Silile Ndhlovu Dube, Emmanuella Solomon, John V Flores and Mitchell G Jomsky. 2(5): 03-08.


  • World Crisis Caused by the Advance of the New Coronavirus: Stripping Social Ills and Taking a Place in the Struggle
  • Jackeline Cristiane Santos. 2(5): 01-02.


  • COVID-19: The Importance of Nursing Professionals
  • Luis Manuel Fernández Cacho and Rosa Ayesa Arriola. 2(6): 01-02.

    Research Article

  • Management Based on Competence and the Professional Competencies of Nurses in the Hospital Context
  • Laura Andrian Leal, Silvia Helena Henriques, Aline Teixeira Silva, Nilva Maria Ribeiro and Daniela Sarreta Ignácio. 2(4): 40-46.

    Thematic Article

  • How Could Transformational Leadership Influence Collaboration
  • Si-Yan Yuan. 2(5): 36-39.


  • Nursing and Research: A Current Reality
  • Luis Manuel Fernández Cacho, Manuel Herrero Montes, Rosa Ayesa Arriola and Beatriz Dominguez Pereira. 2(4): 36.

    Research Article

  • Socionic Typology Helps Regulate Doctor-Patient Relationships
  • Berdutin Vitaly. 2(4): 32-35.

    Research Article

  • Assessing Demographic Factors Associated with Alcohol Use Disorder in Kenya
  • Danny Mungai, Isaac Okeyo, Ronnie Midigo and Samuel Boaz Otieno. 2(5): 23-31.

    Research Article

  • Disinfection with the Low Power Laser of the Material Proposed to Manufacture the Prototype to Support the Limb with Exposed Fractures
  • Katia Cilene Ayako Inomata. 2(4): 17-22.

    Research Article

  • Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Nursing Process among Nurses in Imo State University Teaching Hospital, Orlu, Imo State, Nigeria
  • Vincent CCN. 2(4): 10-16.

    Research Article

  • Management of Foodborne Outbreak of Shigellosis; Need to Determine an Outbreak Preparedness and Management Policy
  • Mahmoudreza Peyravi, Mohammadali Ghaderi, Mohammadreza Alimanesh, Ali Karimian, Fatemeh Gandomkar and Mahnaz Dehbozorgi. 2(5): 06-09.

    Review Article

  • Active Learning Logos, Methods or Methodologies? Reproduction and Social Transformation in Question
  • Jackeline Cristiane Santos. 2(4): 01-05.

    Short Communication

  • The Toxicity, Penosity and Peligrosity Bonus in Nursing
  • Juan Carlos Quintian Freire. 2(3): 01-02.

    Research Article

  • 7Ps of Nest Support Towards School- Age with Technology-Induced Juvenile Obesity
  • Jocelyn B Hipona. 2(3): 01-13.

    Review Article

  • Prevention of New Psychoactive Substances Dependence
  • Kekelidze ZI, Kozlov AA, Klimenko TV, Igumnov SA and Shakhova SM. 2(3): 01-06.

    Research Article

  • Hospital-Based Trained Nurses Perception of Baccalaureate Nurses Competence at the Jos University Teaching Hospital, Plateau State, Nigeria
  • Ogunyewo Oluwatoyin Abayomi, Afemikhe Juliana A and Ishola Adeyinka Ganiyat. 2(4): 54-61.

    Research Article

  • Vaccine Room Service Flowchart: An Experience in Primary Care
  • Ilka Kassandra Pereira Belfort, Carlene de Jesus Alves da Silva, Eduardo Pistelli Júnior, Thamires Messias Figueiredo. 2(3): 01-05.

    Guest Editorial

  • Aging Population and Insurance Policy
  • Naiya Patel. 2(3): 01-03.

    Research Article

  • Knowledge and Self-Care Scores among Older Patients with Heart Failure: Subanalysis of a Multicenter Trial- HELEN-II
  • Eneida Rejane Rabelo-Silva, Marco Aurélio Lumertz Saffi, Karen Brasil Ruschel, Leticia Lopez Pedraza, Vânia Hirakata, Emiliane Nogueira de Souza4 and Claudia Mota Mussi. 2(3): 01-07.

    Research Article

  • Knowledge and Challenges of Partograph Utilisation among Midwives in the Central Region of Ghana
  • Anna Peace Assifuah, Thomas Hormenu, Charles Domfeh and Nancy Innocentia Ebu. 2(5): 01-09.

    Research Article

  • Transformational Leadership of Nurse Managers as Perceived by Registered Nurses, in Divisional Hospitals, The Republic of Fiji
  • OK Masilaca and L Sili. 2(3): 01-08.

    Research Article

  • Working Mother’s Perception of Exclusive Breastfeeding Across Individual and Workplace Factors
  • Umukoro O Simon, Ojo A Adesinsa and Gandonu M Babatunde. 2(3): 01-14.

    Research Article

  • The Influence of Socio-Psychological Adaptation on the Formation of a Burnout Syndrome in Medical Personnel
  • Igumnov S and Solodukho VV. 2(3): 01-11.

    Research Article

  • Fortification of Knowledge on Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Analysis and its Interpretation: Interventional Study
  • Apsara N and A Maria Therese. 2(4): 47-53.

    Review Article

  • My Son has Diabetes... What’s Next?
  • João Manuel Nunes de Oliveira Alves. 2(3): 01-07.

    Review Article

  • Multimorbidity: What is the Next Step?
  • Bárbara Machado, Nuno Araújo and Ricardo Castro. 2(2): 01-07.

    Research Article

  • HIV-Positive and HIV-Negative Females with Opioid Dependence: Clinical and Psychosocial Characteristics
  • Igumnov SA, Stan’ko EP and Sobolev NA. 2(2): 01-08.

    Research Article

  • Evaluating the Design of a Digital Communication Platform for Recipients of Home-Care Services to Improve Municipal Care Services: A Proof of Concept Study
  • Linn Nathalie Støme, Arne Norrud, Martin Fjordholm and Kari J Kværner. 2(2): 01-11.


  • Senior Electives Reflection: Second Opinion in Oncology
  • Noor-E-Marfa Amin. 2(2): 01-02.


  • Importance of Feedback among Nursing Students
  • Naurin Abdul Karim. 2(5): 01-02.


  • The Importance of Writing Reflections by Nurses
  • Naurin Abdul Karim. 2(2): 01.


  • Reflection: Neglecting Patient’s Rights
  • Noor-E-Marfa Amin Shivji. 2(2): 01-02.

    Research Article

  • Level of Nurses Job satisfaction and Associated Factors Working in Public Hospitals of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Addisu Tadesse Sahile. 2(2): 01-07.

    Research Article

  • Validating Standardized Integrative Nursing Guidelines for Symptom Management
  • Penny D Kessler, Karen A Monsen, Sheng-Chieh Lu and Mary Jo Kreitzer. 2(2): 01-10.

    Short Communication

  • The Relevance of Critical Thinking for the Selection of the Appropriate Nursing Diagnosis
  • Tânia Marlene Gonçalves Lourenço, Patrícia Câmara and Rita Maria Sousa Abreu-Figueiredo. 2(2): 01-03.

    Research Article

  • The Assistance Practice in the Consultation of Children Developed in a Family Health Unit: A Report of Experience
  • Bruna Rodrigues Braga and Ana Lúcia Naves Alves. 2(1): 01-05.

    Guest Editorial

  • Nurses in the Prevention and Control of Indiscriminate Use of Neuropsychopharmaceuticals in the Elderly
  • Raquel de Souza Praia. 2(1): 01.

    Research Article

  • Factors Influencing in-School Adolescents’ Satisfaction with the Quality of Healthcare Delivery in Ghana
  • Charlotte Sam Afful, Thomas Hormenu and Eric Terkpertey. 2(1): 01-12.

    Review Article

  • Utilizing Medical Gaming Principles to Teach Emergency Management Strategies and Crisis Leadership during a Botulism Mass Casualty Incident
  • Paul Rega. 2(1): 39-45.

    Research Article

  • Assessment of the Quality of School Health Services and School Environment in Governmental Schools at Khan Younis and Rafah Governorates, Palestine
  • Naji M Abu Luli, Zeyad Abu Heen, Ayman Abu Mustafa and Yousef Aljeesh. 2(1): 01-08.

    Research Article

  • Perception of Nursing Students about Palliative Care and Death in Patients with Advanced Cancer
  • Larissa Marcondes, Caroline Cristine Inácio, Francisco José Koller, Josemar Batista and Bruna Eloise Lenhani. 2(1): 01-12.

    Research Article

  • Pharmacological Adherence and Knowledge of Anticoagulated Patients
  • Simone Maria Muniz da Silva Bezerra and Fabiana Coriolano Ribeiro Cavalcanti. 2(1): 01-10.

    Volume 1 Issue 3 - December 2019

    Guest Editorial

  • A Comprehensive Technique to Overcome Procrastination
  • Heena Pahuja. 1(3): 01-02.

    Research Article

  • Cortisol, Stress and Burnout in Nurses: An Integrative Review
  • Cleyton Cézar Souto Silva, Gracielle Malheiro dos Santos, Raíssa Nóbrega de Almeida, Nicole Leite Galvão -Coelho and Soraya Maria de Medeiros. 1(3): 01-10.

    Research Article

  • Enhancing Patient’s Safety: Understanding Theatre Team’s Attitude as a Barrier towards Use of Surgical Safety Checklist in Kenya
  • Lydia Pendo Mutsumi and Ronnie Midigo. 1(3): 01-08.

    Research Article

  • Predisposing Factors for Prevalence of Hypertension in Discrete Population of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients
  • JayaPradha Alice Cheekurthy. 1(3): 01-06.

    Research Article

  • The Lived Experiences of End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Patients for Decision Making for Palliative Care Treatment
  • Bonnie ML Tam and Frances KY Wong. 1(3): 01-19.

    Case Report

  • Aggressive Angiomyxoma of the Labia Majora
  • João Brito Jaenisch Neto and Caroline Rodrigues Cardoso. 1(3): 01-05.

    Short Communication

  • 7 Ways to Maintain Positivity in Life
  • Heena Pahuja. 1(3): 01-02.

    Research Article

  • The Nurse in Welcoming with Risk Rating: Integrative Literature Review
  • Bruno Vilas Boas Dias, Gabriel Augusto Lima Brito, Sabrina Alves de Oliveira, Gabriel Ricardo da Silva, Melina Almeida Pontes, Raíssa Gabriela Fileli, Bárbara Mancini, Bruna Paisca Santana and Rafael Antônio da Silva. 1(3): 01-06.

    Research Article

  • Humanization in Nursing Care at the Adult Intensive Care Unit: Integrative Literature Review
  • Bruno Vilas Boas Dias, Gabriel Ricardo da Silva, Melina Almeida Pontes, Raíssa Gabriela Fileli, Bárbara Mancini, Bruna Paisca Santana, Gabriel Augusto Lima Brito and Rafael Antônio da Silva. 1(3): 01-06.

    Volume 1 Issue 2 - November 2019

    Guest Editorial

  • Assessing the Need for Nursing Faculty Education in Africa
  • Adele A Webb and Brenda T Spear. 1(2): 01-04.

    Research Article

  • Nursing Nutritional Assessment in Early Childhood: The Association between Nutritional Status and Physical Activity
  • Carla Luiza da Silva, Ana Carolina Pacholok Zanardini, Izabour Gobel, Raissa Luana Iurkiv Garcia, Margarete de Oliveira, Péricles Reche Martins, Juliana Regina Dias Mikowski and Ana Paula Garbuio Cavalheiro. 1(2): 05-10.

    Research Article

  • Factors Associated to Burnout Syndrome in nurses from Primary Health Care
  • Cleyton Cézar Souto Silva, Gracielle Malheiro dos Santos, Raíssa Nóbrega de Almeida, Lúcia de Fátima Amorim, Nicole Leite Galvão-Coelho and Soraya Maria de Medeiros. 1(2): 30-38.

    Research Article

  • The Impact of Patient Education on Quality of Life of Patients Undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) in the West Bank of Palestine
  • Rebhi Bsharat and Mevlüde Karadag. 1(2): 11-23.

    Research Article

  • Impact of Educational Intervention for Enriching Awareness on Menstrual Blood Banking and Menstrual Stem Cell Therapy
  • A Maria Therese. 1(2): 24-29.

    Review Article

  • Utilizing Medical Gaming Principles to Teach Emergency Management Strategies and Crisis Leadership during a Botulism Mass Casualty Incident
  • Paul Rega. 1(2): 39-45.

    Volume 1 Issue 1 - October 2019

    Guest Editorial

  • Nursing Negligence in Patient Care
  • Naurin Abdul Karim. 1(1): 01-02.

    Research Article

  • A Study on Factors Associated with Maternal Knowledge and Health Seeking Behaviour on Neonatal Danger Signs among Mothers Attending Child Welfare Clinics in Piliyandala Medical Officer of Health (MOH) Area
  • KP Sasalanak Chamara, MD Rupasinghe, MLKD Senanayake, BGPV Dharmakeerthi, KWSPK Silva, HLGA Shashikala, RDUP Sugathapala and Ishani Rodrigo. 1(1): 03-16.

    Research Article

  • Factors Associated with Acceptance of Uptake of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine: Implications for Health Promotion
  • Sithabile Magodi, Doreen Macherera Mukona, Sibongile Chituku, Maxwell Mhlanga, Mathilda Zvinavashe and Lilian Gertrude Dodzo . 1(1): 17-23.

    Review Article

  • The Significance of Touch in Medical-Care Meetings
  • Luis Guillermo Jaramillo Echeverri. 1(1): 24-30.


  • A Study to Assess the Knowledge among Staff Nurses Working in Various ICUs Regarding Identification and Management of ICU Delirium with a View to Develop a Protocol
  • Monika Kankarwal, Yumnam Surbala Devi, Koushik Sinha Deb, Rahul Kumar Anand, Kh Jiten Kumar Singh. 1(1): 31-39.

    Research Article

  • Knowledge, Attitude and Perception towards Patients with Mental Illness of General Public Visiting Outpatient Departments of PGIMER, Chandigarh
  • Das K, Geetanjli Kalyan, Shaynee, Aaina, Guneet, Kamaldeep, Milanpreet, Payal and Mattoo SK. 1(1): 40-48.

    PubMed Indexed Article

    EC Pharmacology and Toxicology
    LC-UV-MS and MS/MS Characterize Glutathione Reactivity with Different Isomers (2,2' and 2,4' vs. 4,4') of Methylene Diphenyl-Diisocyanate.

    PMID: 31143884 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6536005

    EC Pharmacology and Toxicology
    Alzheimer's Pathogenesis, Metal-Mediated Redox Stress, and Potential Nanotheranostics.

    PMID: 31565701 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6764777

    EC Neurology
    Differences in Rate of Cognitive Decline and Caregiver Burden between Alzheimer's Disease and Vascular Dementia: a Retrospective Study.

    PMID: 27747317 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5065347

    EC Pharmacology and Toxicology
    Will Blockchain Technology Transform Healthcare and Biomedical Sciences?

    PMID: 31460519 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6711478

    EC Pharmacology and Toxicology
    Is it a Prime Time for AI-powered Virtual Drug Screening?

    PMID: 30215059 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6133253

    EC Psychology and Psychiatry
    Analysis of Evidence for the Combination of Pro-dopamine Regulator (KB220PAM) and Naltrexone to Prevent Opioid Use Disorder Relapse.

    PMID: 30417173 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6226033

    EC Anaesthesia
    Arrest Under Anesthesia - What was the Culprit? A Case Report.

    PMID: 30264037 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6155992

    EC Orthopaedics
    Distraction Implantation. A New Technique in Total Joint Arthroplasty and Direct Skeletal Attachment.

    PMID: 30198026 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6124505

    EC Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine
    Prevalence and factors associated with self-reported chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among adults aged 40-79: the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2007-2012.

    PMID: 30294723 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6169793

    EC Dental Science
    Important Dental Fiber-Reinforced Composite Molding Compound Breakthroughs

    PMID: 29285526 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5743211

    EC Microbiology
    Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites Among HIV Infected and HIV Uninfected Patients Treated at the 1o De Maio Health Centre in Maputo, Mozambique

    PMID: 29911204 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5999047

    EC Microbiology
    Macrophages and the Viral Dissemination Super Highway

    PMID: 26949751 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC4774560

    EC Microbiology
    The Microbiome, Antibiotics, and Health of the Pediatric Population.

    PMID: 27390782 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC4933318

    EC Microbiology
    Reactive Oxygen Species in HIV Infection

    PMID: 28580453 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5450819

    EC Microbiology
    A Review of the CD4 T Cell Contribution to Lung Infection, Inflammation and Repair with a Focus on Wheeze and Asthma in the Pediatric Population

    PMID: 26280024 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC4533840

    EC Neurology
    Identifying Key Symptoms Differentiating Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from Multiple Sclerosis

    PMID: 28066845 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5214344

    EC Pharmacology and Toxicology
    Paradigm Shift is the Normal State of Pharmacology

    PMID: 28936490 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5604476

    EC Neurology
    Examining those Meeting IOM Criteria Versus IOM Plus Fibromyalgia

    PMID: 28713879 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5510658

    EC Neurology
    Unilateral Frontosphenoid Craniosynostosis: Case Report and a Review of the Literature

    PMID: 28133641 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5267489

    EC Ophthalmology
    OCT-Angiography for Non-Invasive Monitoring of Neuronal and Vascular Structure in Mouse Retina: Implication for Characterization of Retinal Neurovascular Coupling

    PMID: 29333536 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5766278

    EC Neurology
    Longer Duration of Downslope Treadmill Walking Induces Depression of H-Reflexes Measured during Standing and Walking.

    PMID: 31032493 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6483108

    EC Microbiology
    Onchocerciasis in Mozambique: An Unknown Condition for Health Professionals.

    PMID: 30957099 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6448571

    EC Nutrition
    Food Insecurity among Households with and without Podoconiosis in East and West Gojjam, Ethiopia.

    PMID: 30101228 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6086333

    EC Ophthalmology
    REVIEW. +2 to +3 D. Reading Glasses to Prevent Myopia.

    PMID: 31080964 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6508883

    EC Gynaecology
    Biomechanical Mapping of the Female Pelvic Floor: Uterine Prolapse Versus Normal Conditions.

    PMID: 31093608 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6513001

    EC Dental Science
    Fiber-Reinforced Composites: A Breakthrough in Practical Clinical Applications with Advanced Wear Resistance for Dental Materials.

    PMID: 31552397 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6758937

    EC Microbiology
    Neurocysticercosis in Child Bearing Women: An Overlooked Condition in Mozambique and a Potentially Missed Diagnosis in Women Presenting with Eclampsia.

    PMID: 31681909 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6824723

    EC Microbiology
    Molecular Detection of Leptospira spp. in Rodents Trapped in the Mozambique Island City, Nampula Province, Mozambique.

    PMID: 31681910 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6824726

    EC Neurology
    Endoplasmic Reticulum-Mitochondrial Cross-Talk in Neurodegenerative and Eye Diseases.

    PMID: 31528859 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6746603

    EC Psychology and Psychiatry
    Can Chronic Consumption of Caffeine by Increasing D2/D3 Receptors Offer Benefit to Carriers of the DRD2 A1 Allele in Cocaine Abuse?

    PMID: 31276119 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6604646

    EC Anaesthesia
    Real Time Locating Systems and sustainability of Perioperative Efficiency of Anesthesiologists.

    PMID: 31406965 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6690616

    EC Pharmacology and Toxicology
    A Pilot STEM Curriculum Designed to Teach High School Students Concepts in Biochemical Engineering and Pharmacology.

    PMID: 31517314 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6741290

    EC Pharmacology and Toxicology
    Toxic Mechanisms Underlying Motor Activity Changes Induced by a Mixture of Lead, Arsenic and Manganese.

    PMID: 31633124 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6800226

    EC Neurology
    Research Volunteers' Attitudes Toward Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

    PMID: 29662969 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5898812

    EC Pharmacology and Toxicology
    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Alzheimer's Disease.

    PMID: 30215058 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6133268

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