EC Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering

EC Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering (ECFT) is a bimonthly interdisciplinary journal that mainly emphasis on fashion art & textile processing research, as the clothing is the essential need of the humans, its application in this modern era plays a very crucial role in our day to day life. ECFT encourages authors to participate with their practical & theoretical studies in the refereed publications on Fashion Technology & Textile Engineering related practices. ECFT calls the authors to submit their original research, case study, opinions, perspectives, short communication or commentaries. The results and discoveries that are published are openly accessible and are helpful for future researchers to acquire the knowledge easily.

Aim and scope

Clothing is nothing but one’s culture and interest, in this technical world the Fashion technology is the most active tool to design clothes as per the human’s criteria. The key components that are required for the fashion are the textile fibers. The Textile engineering helps in the application and utilization of scientific equipment’s in manufacturing the textile fabrics and all types of yarns. Directly or indirectly the textile trade is mainly affected by the fashion industry.

ECFT aims to publish the articles in the subject areas like:

3D Fabrics, Aesthetics of Textile, Agricultural Application of Textiles, Air-Jet Spinning, Algorithmic Pattern Design, Apparel, Apparel Manufacturing Technology, Application of Computer in Textile, Applied Arts, Basic Operations in the Blowroom, Basic or classic, Biotechnology in Textile Industry, Bio-Textiles, Blending, Blowroom, Break Spinning, Carding, Carding Machine, Centrifugal Spinning, Chemical Structure of Fibers, Chemistry, Clothing/Apparel Technologies, Color science, Construction of Elementary Weaves, Conversion of Filaments to Fibers, Cotton Carding, Crafting Traditions, Crighton Opener Machine, Defects and Remedies of Dyed Materials, Digital Printing, Dyeing, Dyes, Eco-Friendly Textile Dyeing, Embroidery, e-Textiles, Fabric, Fabric Manufacturing Technology, Fad, Fashion Branding, Fashion Design, Fashion Designing & Marketing, Fashion Forecasting, Fashion History, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Technology, Fashion Theory, Fashion Trends, Felting, Fiber, Fiber Engineering, Fiber Innovation, Fiber Science & Technology, Fibers, Fibre Science, Fibre Testing, Fibrous Materials, Finishing, Friction Spinning, Haute Couture, Knitting, Laser Cutting, Leather Fiber, Marketing and Use of Products, Material Sciences, Medical Textile, Medical Textiles and Nanotechnology in Textiles, Modelling and Simulation, Multifunctional Materials, Nano Technology in Textile, Nanotechnology in textile Research, Natural Fiber, Natural polymer based, New Spinning Processes, Nonwoven, Physical Chemistry of Dyeing, Pile Structures, Polymer Sciences, Polymer Structure, Polymers, Protein Based Biomaterials, Psychology on Consumer for Textile Products, Recycling Process of Textile Waste, Recycling Technology of Textile Products , Smart Textiles, Solubilised Vat Colours, Spinning and Weaving Calculations, Studies on Colors & Dyes, Studies on Fabrics from Dyneema Fibres for Defence Application, Style, Synthetic Fiber, Synthetic Polymer based, Tapestry Structures, Technical Textiles, Tensioning Device, Testing Of Interlaced and Textured Yarns, Textile Based Electronics, Textile Chemical Analysis, Textile Composite Materials, Textile Costing and Management, Textile Design, Textile Engineering, Textile Fibers, Textile Finishing and Treatment, Textile Industries, Textile Machinery, Textile Materials, Textile Raw Materials, Textile Science, Textile Technology, Textile Testing, Types of Selvedges and Their Weaves, Types of Textile Fibers, Unconventional Looms, Wearable Electronics, Weaving, Wet Processing Technology, Yarn Manufacturing Technology, Yarn Spinning, Yarns.

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