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EC Emergency Medicine and Critical Care (ECEC) is an internationally peer reviewed journal that desires to publish articles on all aspects of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. The journal aims to publish clinical and experimental work on all the topics related to Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. The main motto of ECEC is to bring latest developments and current research in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care into light by publishing quality and original articles. We deal with all aspects of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, diseases and therapeutic interventions.

Aim and scope

Emergency medicine is a medical specialty involving care for undifferentiated, unscheduled patients with acute illnesses or injuries that require immediate medical attention. While not usually providing long-term or continuing care, emergency physicians undertake acute investigations and interventions to resuscitate and stabilize patients. Emergency medicine is now recognized as an essential public service. Intensive care medicine or critical care medicine is a branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and management of life-threatening conditions requiring sophisticated organ support and invasive monitoring. Patients requiring intensive care may require support for instability, airway, more commonly referred to now as multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Intensive care is usually only offered to those whose condition is potentially reversible and who have a good chance of surviving with intensive care support. Advancements in the field of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care play a major role in building a safe and healthy society.

ECEC accepts articles on all the topics related to Emergency Medicine and Critical Care such as Environmental Health, Community Health, Behavioral Health, Health Economics, Public Policy, Insurance Medicine, Occupational Health and other important subfields along with Prevention and Treatment of Disease, Illness, Injury, and Other Physical and Mental Impairments Promoting Healthy Behaviors, Palliative Medicine, Critical Care Medicine-Intensive Care, Medical Toxicology, Wilderness Medicine, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Sports Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine, Trauma, National Health Issues, Health Education, Behavior & Improvement, Health Protection, Public Health Ethics, Social Determinants of Health, Impact of Health Policies, Public Health Practice Models, Health Problems and their Solutions, Public Health Policy and Practice, Population Based studies, Diet and Nutrition, Infection and Public Health Health Care Analysis-Biostatics, Intensive and Critical care, Trauma and Surgical Intensive Care, Pediatric Intensive Care, Acute and Emergency Medicine, Perioperative medicine, Resuscitation, Infection control, Organ Dysfunction, Accidental Injuries, Acute Cardiology, Neurological Emergency, Acute Respiratory Failure, Acute Pain Management, Critical Care, Injury Prevention, Resuscitation, Surgical Emergency, Acute Infection, Toxicology, Hematology/ Oncology, ECG Patterns, Pediatric Emergency, Emergency Medicine, Medical Chemistry, Patient Safety, Critical Patients, Ballistics and Firearm Wounds, Traumatic Injuries, Emergency Medicinal Technologies, etc.

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Volume 3 Issue 3 - March 2019


  • Evaluation and Management of Urinary Tract Infections as a Medical Emergency
  • Noushin Hashemi, Maryam Allahverdi Khani and Houmaan Nozarian Bavarsad. 3(3): 109.

    Research Article

  • A System-Wide Improvement of Healthcare Utilization by People Experiencing Homelessness to Ensure a Useful Emergency Department Visit and to Reduce Repeated Emergency Department Visits for Non-Urgent Health Conditions
  • Wahida Kazi. 3(3): 110-114.

    Review Article

  • Global Burdens, Impacts and Global Efforts towards Hansen’s Disease
  • Selamawit Alemayehu. 3(3): 115-120.

    Case Report

  • Acute Aortic Dissection Mimicking Acute Appendicitis: Case Report
  • Halil Dogan, Eren Demir, Seyhmus Isık and Gizem Metin. 3(3): 121-123.

    Letter to Editor

  • Antimicrobial Resistance as a 21-Century Threat to Ethiopia: Current Response and Further Directions
  • Selamawit Alemayehu. 3(3): 124-127.

    Research Article

  • Road Traffic Accident Related Fatalities in Addis Ababa City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: An Analysis of Police Report 2013/14
  • Anteneh Kebede,Temesgen Beyene and Haimanot Geremew. 3(3): 128-138.

    Review Article

  • Malnutrition and Sepsis in the Critical Patient and its Relationship with Mortality
  • Hilev de las Mercedes Larrondo Muguercia, David Orlando León Pérez and Ángela Rosa Gutiérrez Rojas. 3(3): 139-142.

    Research Article

  • Etiology of Pediatric Acute Pneumonia: Concepts and Reality
  • Igor Klepikov. 3(3): 143-150.

    Volume 3 Issue 2 - February 2019


  • Look at the Fragility Index of Randomized Controlled Trials
  • Maria Vargas and Pasquale Buonanno. 3(2): 52-53.

    Research Article

  • Risk Assessment of Importation and Transmission of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) during Hajj Season
  • Hassan El Mahdi El Bushra, Abdullah M Assiri, Mutaz Mohammed and Abdulaziz A Binsaeed. 3(2): 54-66.

    Research Article

  • Hand Hygiene Compliance/Practice and Knowledge among Healthcare Staff in Intensive Care Unit of Aabet Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Selamawit Alemayehu, Ayalew Zewdie, DejeneTagesse Sakelo and Abdlfata Arga Abrar. 3(2): 67-75.

    Research Article

  • Benefits and Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Therapy on the Blood Pressure of Patient with Hypertension in Mataram
  • Dedy Arisjulyanto, Baiq Tiara Hikmatushaliha, Zaenal Arifin and Supriyadi. 3(2): 76-84.

    Case Study

  • Increasing Awareness about Snake Bite in Resource Limited Settings: Two Case Reports from Ethiopia
  • Temesgen Beyene Abicho, Aklilu Azazh Tumebo and Scott G Weiner. 3(2): 85-88.

    Research Article

  • Assessment of the Impact of Midwife Service Scheme (MSS) on Maternal and Child Health (MCH) in Rafi Local Government Area- Niger State
  • Janet A Ephraim. 3(2): 89-95.

    Review Article

  • The Evidence-based Views on Liver Qi Stagnation
  • Tong-Zheng Hong. 3(2): 96-100.

    Case Report

  • Cardiomyopathy Following Chloralose Intoxication: A Case Report
  • Touil Yosr, Ameni Abidi, Foued Daly, M Slim Amri, Ghassen Ben Amor, Ahlem Trifi, Rochdi Nasri, Sami Abdellatif and Salah Ben Lakhal. 3(2): 101-104.


  • Would Emergency Medicine Consultants be Authorised and Able to Perform a Lateral Canthotomy in a Sight Threatening Emergency
  • Mukul Shah and Stephen Campbell. 3(2): 105-107.


  • Depression, the Real Problem of Diabetics
  • Oscar Fawed Ortega Reyes and Jerson Joaquín Ávila Santos. 3(2): 108.

    Volume 3 Issue 1 - January 2019

    Guest Editorial

  • Confidence of Emergency Departments and Emergency Medicine Doctors in Appropriately Managing and Signposting Palliative Patients who Present in the Emergency Department
  • Mukul Shah and Vivian Lucas. 3(1): 01-03.

    Research Article

  • Survey of Undergraduate Student’s Perception of Medical Education Environment among Students Attaching at the Emergency Department of St Paul Millennium Medical College/AaBET Hospital
  • Ayalew Zewdie Tadesse, Selamawit Alemayehu and Dejene Tagesse. 3(1): 04-10.

    Review Article

  • Causes of Death in Patients with Acute Kidney Injury Treated with Renal Replacement Therapy - A Systematic Review
  • Iris Ertugrul, Anne-Cornelie JM de Pont and Nicole P Juffermans. 3(1): 11-19.

    Mini Review

  • Approach to Patients with Bleeding Disorders in the Emergency Department
  • Hanan Alhajri, Maryam Darwish, Devendra Richhariya and Ayesha Almemari. 3(1): 20-28.


  • Shock in Polytrauma: Highlighting the Volumetric Overload Shocks and Hydrodynamic Phenomenon of the Porous Orifice (G) Tube
  • Ahmed N Ghanem. 3(1): 29-33.

    Review Article

  • Point of Care Ultrasound in Intensive Care Medicine and Anesthesiology
  • Surath Manimala Rao and Kartik Munta. 3(1): 34-44.

    Research Article

  • Resilience of Health Systems during a Prolonged Acute Watery Diarrhoea (AWD) Outbreak in the Sudan
  • Hassan El Mahdi El Bushra, Ayana Yeneabat, Betigel W Habtewold, Osman H Bilail and Naeema Al-Gasseer. 3(1): 45-51.

    Volume 2 Issue 4


  • 10th International Open Access Week - Celebrating Freedom
  • Nitish Garg. 2(4): 96.

    Research Article

  • A Systematic Review on Interventions to Decrease the Rate of Needlestick Injury Associated Blood-Borne Diseases among the Healthcare Workers in the Low Resource Developing Countries
  • Wahida Kazi and Shafi Bhuiyan. 2(4): 97-109.

    Review Article

  • An Overview of the History and Development of Triage
  • Farwa Ali. 2(4): 110-113.

    Case Report

  • Test the Ischemic Atrial Fibrillation with Oxygen Therapy, a Case Report
  • Yasser Mohammed Hassanain Elsayed. 2(4): 114-120.

    Review Article

  • Massive Gastrointestinal Bleeding in the Emergency Department
  • María Camila Arango-Granados and Virginia Zarama. 2(4): 121-131.

    Case Report

  • Retinal Bleeding Asssociated with Aplastic Anemia: Case Report
  • Halil Dogan, Rumeysa Busra Dogan and Ozan Sonbahar. 2(4): 132-135.

    Review Article

  • Clinical Audits are Critical for the Care in Emergency Department
  • Piryani Rano Mal and Piryani Suneel. 2(4): 136-140.


  • Mind the Moment While Working in the Emergency Room
  • Patricia Lynn Dobkin. 2(4): 141-145.

    Volume 2 Issue 3


  • ABC of Burn Out Syndrome: Emergency Room Staff in Resource Limited Setting
  • Ayalew Zewdie Tadesse. 2(3): 60-61.

    Research Article

  • One-Month Mortality of Acute Cerebral Infarctions and its Predictive Factors in African Low-Income Country: Case of Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso
  • Lompo Djingri Labodi, Cissé Kadari, Diallo Ousséini, Kouanda Boukari, Napon Christian and Kaboré B Jean. 2(3): 62-71.

    Case Report

  • Atypical Presentation and Successful Management of Snake Bite and Sharing of Experience of a Tertiary Care Hospital Delhi, India
  • Parin Lalwani. 2(3): 72-74.

    Case Report

  • Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Detects Ectopic Small Bowel Varices
  • Petkov A, Vassil Mihaylov, Stankova T, Stoyanova D and Lukanova Tz. 2(3): 75-79.

    Research Article

  • Evaluation Method of Fomentation in Japan
  • Masayo Nagai and Hidesuke Kaji. 2(3): 80-91.

    Research Article

  • Neonatal and Pediatric Otology [NaP Otology Study]
  • Reshma Khan, Javidulla Khan, Saba Siddiqui, Muhammad Hammad, Fahad Tariq, Abdul Basit Muhammad Arif, Muhammad Omer Khan, Muhammad Owais Shahid, Muhammad Faiq Mukhtar, Hira Moin, Aysha Ashraf, Nazish Iqbal and Sonia Shahid1. 2(3): 92-95.

    Volume 2 Issue 2


  • Critical Care and Emergency Medicine: From the Past to the Future
  • Maria Vargas. 2(2): 32-33.

    Research Article

  • Cardiac Ultrasound Assessment during Ventilator-Withdrawal Process: A Comparative Cohort Study
  • Ahlem Trifi, Sami Abdellatif, Khaoula Ben Ismail, Foued Daly, Yosr Touil, Rochdi Nasri and Salah Ben Lakhal. 2(2): 34-42.

    Review Article

  • A Narrative Review on the Advantages of Portable Ultrasound Machines in the Emergency Department
  • Farwa Ali, Umair Ali, Erah Ali, Azhar Hussain. 2(2): 43-47.

    Case Report

  • A Rare Cause of Hyponatremia Transurethral Resection of the Prostate Syndrome: Case Report
  • Eren Demir, Halil Doğan and Mehmet Toptaş. 2(2): 48-51.

    Letter to Editor

  • Shock in Acute Pneumonia and its Mechanism
  • Igor Klepikov. 2(2): 52-53.

    Case Report

  • An Unlikely Malaria Case: Report of a Patient with G6PD Deficiency and Travel to a Non-Endemic Region of Africa
  • Avinash Jayaswal, Joe Kadou, Nicolas Daoud, Pierre Lutula, Carnot Tanie-Talom and Brice Layeux. 2(2): 54-58.


  • Pseudo Education in Research in Universities Third Worldwide Latino Americanas
  • Oscar Fawed Ortega Reyes. 2(2): 59.

    Volume 2 Issue 1


  • The Need for Point of Care Testing (POCT) in Health Care Settings
  • Sheikh Mohd Saleem. 2(1): 1-3.

    Research Article

  • Association between Pain Scores and Illness Severity in United States Emergency Departments
  • John-Ryan McAnnally, Clint Christensen, Laura Williams, Randolph Devereaux, Jessica Whittle and David Seaberg. 2(1): 4-11.

    Case Report

  • Cardiac Tamponade as Cause of Respiratory Distress and Cardiac Arrest
  • Emídio Lima. 2(1): 12-15.


  • Top Down Algorithm to Analysis Human Body
  • Pooya Parsa and Saeid Parsa. 2(1): 16-25.

    Letter to Editor

  • NDUFB11 Mutations Causing Histiocytoid Cardiomyopathy and Allelic Microphthalmia with Skin Defects
  • Josef Finsterer and Sinda Zarrouk-Mahjoub. 2(1): 26-27.

    Research Article

  • Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude Pertaining to Basic Life Support and Medical Emergencies among Final Year Undergraduate Students and House Surgeons in a Dental College: A Descriptive Cross-sectional Study
  • Vinej Somaraj, Vikraman KS, Meenakshi M, Preethy M, Nazrin M and Mizba Farhath. 2(1): 28-31.

    Volume 1 Issue 1

    Research Article

  • Assessment of the Efficiency and Safety of Thyroidectomy versus other Thyroid Surgeries in the Management of Benign Thyroid Disease
  • Sajjad Madan Almusaiad, Ghofran Naji Ali Alshammer, Bandar Kamal Mufreh Alsirhani, Mohammed Hisham Ojaimi, Naif Ibrahim Salman Alzarea, Massad Masaeed Masad Almutairi, Faisal Oudah Alharbi, Abdullah Ahmed Alzarea, Mohammed Salem Dawood, Noorah Mohammad AlShareef, Abdulrahman Khalid Abdullah, Sukainah Abdulwahed Alfaraj, Mohammed Seror Bawahal, Ali Jassim A. Alnasser, Alzahrani Ahmad Edan A, Ibrahim Saeed Bin Sadan Alzahrani and Osama Ali M Alrashed. 1(1): 01-07.

    PubMed Indexed Article

    EC Pharmacology and Toxicology
    Is it a Prime Time for AI-powered Virtual Drug Screening?

    PMID: 30215059 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6133253

    EC Psychology and Psychiatry
    Analysis of Evidence for the Combination of Pro-dopamine Regulator (KB220PAM) and Naltrexone to Prevent Opioid Use Disorder Relapse.

    PMID: 30417173 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6226033

    EC Anaesthesia
    Arrest Under Anesthesia - What was the Culprit? A Case Report.

    PMID: 30264037 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6155992

    EC Orthopaedics
    Distraction Implantation. A New Technique in Total Joint Arthroplasty and Direct Skeletal Attachment.

    PMID: 30198026 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6124505

    EC Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine
    Prevalence and factors associated with self-reported chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among adults aged 40-79: the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2007-2012.

    PMID: 30294723 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC6169793

    EC Dental Science
    Important Dental Fiber-Reinforced Composite Molding Compound Breakthroughs

    PMID: 29285526 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5743211

    EC Microbiology
    Prevalence of Intestinal Parasites Among HIV Infected and HIV Uninfected Patients Treated at the 1o De Maio Health Centre in Maputo, Mozambique

    PMID: 29911204 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5999047

    EC Microbiology
    Macrophages and the Viral Dissemination Super Highway

    PMID: 26949751 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC4774560

    EC Microbiology
    The Microbiome, Antibiotics, and Health of the Pediatric Population.

    PMID: 27390782 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC4933318

    EC Microbiology
    Reactive Oxygen Species in HIV Infection

    PMID: 28580453 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5450819

    EC Microbiology
    A Review of the CD4 T Cell Contribution to Lung Infection, Inflammation and Repair with a Focus on Wheeze and Asthma in the Pediatric Population

    PMID: 26280024 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC4533840

    EC Neurology
    Identifying Key Symptoms Differentiating Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome from Multiple Sclerosis

    PMID: 28066845 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5214344

    EC Pharmacology and Toxicology
    Paradigm Shift is the Normal State of Pharmacology

    PMID: 28936490 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5604476

    EC Neurology
    Examining those Meeting IOM Criteria Versus IOM Plus Fibromyalgia

    PMID: 28713879 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5510658

    EC Neurology
    Unilateral Frontosphenoid Craniosynostosis: Case Report and a Review of the Literature

    PMID: 28133641 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5267489

    EC Ophthalmology
    OCT-Angiography for Non-Invasive Monitoring of Neuronal and Vascular Structure in Mouse Retina: Implication for Characterization of Retinal Neurovascular Coupling

    PMID: 29333536 [PubMed]

    PMCID: PMC5766278

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